Wednesday, 14 May 2008


We have learned how to:

build and modify objects.

how to set permissions enabling selected users to copy and alter those copies, and how to save objects to the inventory.

how to create entire buildings, save them and copy them any number of times to the adjacent or entirely different locations.

We also explored the inventory i.e. learned how to drive a car and access saved, self-made objects. There are build kits with which one can very easily create and modify a building.

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Second Life said...

This is some text that helps you lock objects together.

[11:15] Django Yifu: Sure...You need to have each prim that will be part of the object selected first
[11:15] Django Yifu: So with build window open and the edit tag selected
[11:16] Django Yifu: You can shift and click each prim that will be in the object
[11:16] Django Yifu: or draw a box round all of them
[11:16] Django Yifu: then when they are selected you go to the tools menu
[11:16] Django Yifu: and choose link
[11:17] Darren Goldlust: That's great
[11:17] Django Yifu: The last selected prim becomes the root or base prim
[11:17] Django Yifu: so that one holds the objects contents and acts as the base name and properties of the object