Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Interaction and Location

We are now able to:

find one another using a simple search function,

communicate using the built-in instant message facility,

"make friends" (which means we can be in totally diffrent places on-line and maintain communication at all times.)

teleport to the location occupied by another visitor.

observe gestures made by friends.

send exact url coordinates to friends (very useful for directing students to assignments!)


martin king said...

Is there any way we can leave mesasages "I was 'ere" sort of thing.

Instead of havign to be syncronous I woul dlike to go to a location and read instructions or leave you a message

Second Life said...

Hi Martin,
You can instant message people that are off line and leave a message so they can pick it up when they log in. In that message you can leave a grid refrence. when the person gets this message, they can teleport straight to it. The actual point is marked with what looks like a red laser beam pointing straight up in the sky. Then if you havr pemission (by the land owner) you should be able to leave a note of some kind.